Our Mission

We believe Tezos will fuel social, political, and economic innovation on a global scale. Our core mission is to support the Tezos protocol and ecosystem in service of this goal.

Our Vision

We seek to empower persons and entities from all over the world to create a robust and decentralized digital commonwealth.

Our Strategy

We deploy resources to help facilitate the advancement of the Tezos protocol and growth of the Tezos ecosystem.

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We are committed to operating with the highest degree of integrity in the service of our mission. A council of seven reputable members, as well as the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority, provide oversight to ensure that the Foundation’s assets are used responsibly. Furthermore, PwC Switzerland acts as the independent external auditor for the Foundation’s finances and operations to instill trust and accountability.

Foundation Council

The Foundation Council plays an important role in the guidance and decision-making of the Foundation’s operations, capital deployment, and overall strategy.

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