An Update On Community Engagement

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of hiring of a community manager and launching a new community reward program.

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of hiring a community manager. While our primary role is to deploy funds to foster the Tezos protocol, we want to strengthen our ability to keep the community informed about our activities, and believe that a new community manager will help us do so. We looked at several candidates, and are hoping to fill the position imminently. This community manager will play a vital role in communicating the Foundation’s activities and priorities to the community, and participating in broader conversations about the future of the protocol. 


In addition to hiring a community manager, we have also approved funding to TQ Tezos and Tezos Commons to roll out a new community reward program in the next few weeks. For this program, we will allocate XTZ to a multisig contract each month. That XTZ will be disbursed as rewards to community members for contributions they’ve made to the project that month. TQ Tezos and Tezos Commons will follow up in the coming days with further details about how the program will work and we look forward to seeing how this new initiative sparks community engagement and incentivizes participation in the ecosystem.

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