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Monthly Grant Update - August 2022

Dear Tezos community,

Today we’re taking a look back at a few key moments that happened at the Tezos Foundation in August.

In August, we added a new bounty project to the current list. Take a look and find your next project to build on Tezos! 

In APAC, we had the pleasure of listening to Tezos co-founder and early architect Arthur Breitman delivering a speech at the IOI conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Earlier in the month, ELEET Games announced selecting Tezos to become the first “Players’ Publisher” utilizing Web3 technology and the launch of a new token exclusively on Tezos.

Due to the Technical Advisory Committee being on recess from July 25th, 2022 until Sep 11th, 2022, the numbers below differ compared to the previous months.


Please find some the Tezos Foundation grant numbers for August below:

In August 2022, the Tezos Foundation received 30 grant proposals. In total, 6 new grant agreements and SOWs were signed, including 2 tools and applications projects and 1 DeFi project. 

In August, the Operations team also checked in with 17 grantees regarding ongoing projects to support their efforts and assess their project’s performance. 

Do you have a great idea you’d like to build on Tezos? Take a look at our grant program to learn how we can support you! 

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