We believe the Foundation’s role is to deploy resources to premier entities and initiatives that will help ensure the long-term success of Tezos. As such, the Tezos Foundation is a proactive grantmaker.

Grantmaking Philosophy

Our Philosophy

As the steward of the funds gathered during the donation period, we support groups in the Tezos ecosystem that actively work to advance the project in a variety of ways. Grants offer a strategic way to support other stakeholders and community members, such as educational and research institutions, developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world as they work to advance the project.

research and education grants

Research and Education

Research on and education about the core protocol and related technologies may lead to important innovations which, if implemented, will help Tezos adapt to an ever-changing environment. We are eager to support impactful research efforts, from master’s and doctoral theses to full-fledged academic centers, and educational initiatives, such as training and documentation, to push the boundaries in relevant fields and empower the Tezos community.

Requests for proposals (“RFPs”) for Research and Education grants are forthcoming.

We are currently putting together a wish list for this grantmaking area. Please check back here soon.

Ecosystem Grants

Tezos Ecosystem

Tezos offers a platform to create smart contracts and build decentralized applications. Tools that make it easier for developers, both novice and expert, to build such applications may contribute to the growth of the Tezos ecosystem and adoption of the protocol.

Submit a Proposal

The application period for our current round of ecosystem grants is open and will close on 21 February 2020 at 23:59 EST. Below are the RFP Categories for this round.

Applications built using Tezos smart contracts (with special interest in Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi”, and digital securities applications)

Tools for Tezos smart contract development (e.g. smart contract testing tools, smart contract templates, etc.)

Educational/training resources covering Tezos (e.g. Kauri, CryptoZombies, etc.)

Projects focused on using Tezos in new markets (industries and/or geographies)

Marketing and other initiatives to help increase awareness of Tezos and its ecosystem

Tooling around tez as money

Projects which are uniquely possible on Tezos

Other proposals for projects targeting categories not listed above that may benefit the Tezos ecosystem

Learn about our last round of Ecosystem Grants
Tezos Community


Efforts to strengthen and nurture the Tezos community are a top priority of the Foundation. We are committed to supporting organizations, small and large, that engage and expand the Tezos ecosystem.

We support organizations that will contribute to the growth of the Tezos community and ecosystem.

Learn about the groups that we’re already supporting around the world and get involved.

Check out the Community page for more information.

Community Page
Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

All proposals will be reviewed according to the process outlined below. The review process typically takes 4-6 weeks from the cohort deadline to complete.

  1. All applications must be submitted no later than the date specified in the latest RFP. The latest Request for Proposals may be viewed above.
  2. After the deadline specified in the latest RFP, we conduct an initial review to filter out proposals that are not in line with our priorities or do not fulfill our requirements. We will generally need one working week to finalize our initial review. At the end of our review, we will inform those grantees that are not further considered immediately.
  3. All applications that pass our initial review will be sent to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for technical review. The TAC is composed of scientists and researchers from premier institutions, Tezos developers, serial entrepreneurs, and other community members. Depending on volume, the TAC’s review typically takes about two working weeks per grantmaking category and ends with a committee meeting where results are discussed and finalized. A representative of the Tezos Foundation will attend the TAC meeting and take note of the TAC’s recommendations. Similar to the initial review, we will immediately inform those applicants whose projects will not proceed after technical review by the TAC.
  4. We will summarise submitted proposals and present them to the Foundation Council for voting. We will inform all applicants about final decisions following these votes. Successful applicants will receive communication about the next steps including due diligence and legal paperwork from us. This typically takes one to two working weeks.
  5. Due diligence will begin and may include checks into prior technical work experience, projects, skills, background, references, etc. Successful applicants will be in contact with us and, if required, TAC members.
  6. Upon successful clearance of due diligence, new grantees will receive legal paperwork for review and signatures. Once all formalities are finalised, the agreed funds are transferred. Our goal is to finalise due diligence and legal paperwork in less than four working weeks. Please note that the quality and diligence of granted input is an important factor in achieving our goals.

For questions about an application’s status, please email us at [email protected] Our aim is to respond to inquiries within 2 working days.

Funding Vehicles

Other Funding Vehicles

Grants are the primary means by which the Foundation supports other stakeholders and community members but in the months to come, the Foundation will explore additional vehicles to deploy its resources. This may include sponsoring ecosystem funds and other similar vehicles to complement our grantmaking program.