Tezos Foundation partners with Obsidian Systems

March 10, 2018

The Tezos Foundation is funding a development effort by Obsidian Systems to develop a set of software solutions to help everyone participate in «baking» on the Tezos network.

A key part of the Tezos protocol is its liquid proof-of-stake consensus algorithm through which token holders contribute to the security of the network. This process of securing the Tezos network is called «baking». It can be undertaken directly or delegated to a «baker».

«It is important that individual token holders as well as delegation services have access to appropriate tools and documentation to perform this function. Obsidian will focus on making baking more accessible to everyone and safer through integration with secure hardware components», says Ryan Jesperson, president of the Tezos Foundation. «They will also provide support for those seeking to build delegation services.»

Obsidian Systems LLC designs and develops high quality software solutions to pressing business problems. Their experienced team has delivered mission-critical solutions to a variety of high-profile clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Press release: Tezos Foundation partners with Obsidian Systems