Tezos Foundation Reports

Our reports provide insights and an overview of the Foundation’s activities. Twice a year, we issue a Biannual Update that covers our activities during the last six months.

Biannual Update

September 2020

Since the release of our last biannual update in February, a global pandemic has changed how we work, live, and interact with one another. In spite of these dramatic changes, the Tezos ecosystem has come together to make significant strides and reach multiple important milestones.

The Tezos Foundation has continued to execute on its mission to foster a diverse and robust global community. Since February, we have issued 56 new grants, entered into 4 strategic partnerships, and completed a 3rd independent external audit of our finances. This report provides insight into and a detailed overview of our activities over the last six months.

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Biannual Update

March 2020

It has been a momentous six months since our first Biannual Update. The Tezos ecosystem and community continue to grow and gain momentum.

The Tezos governance process continued to prove itself with the Babylon and Carthage upgrades. In addition to becoming the first public blockchain to upgrade itself automatically without requiring a hard fork, Tezos has shown that it is possible to establish a regular cadence of improvement that is not seen in other blockchain ecosystems.

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Biannual Update

August 2019

We are excited to share with you the first Tezos Foundation Biannual Update. Because this is our first Biannual Update it will cover the time period spanning from the betanet launch, when a genesis block was proposed on 30 June 2018, through the end of July 2019 (our next Biannual Update will be released after the end of 2019).

Reflecting on some fundamental highlights, the first non-test Tezos network went live feature-complete with the launch of the betanet on 30 June 2018. The network has performed well and the betanet rolled into a mainnet on 17 September 2018.


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