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A Conversation with Robert Fontaine, the New Tezos Foundation Community Manager

This week, we talked to our newly-named Community Manager, Robert Fontaine, to discuss his background, his role, and what he hopes to accomplish at the Foundation. Check out the Q&A!

Robert Fontaine

Where did you work before joining the Tezos Foundation team?

Prior to joining the Tezos Foundation, I worked for Tezos Commons as Operations Manager. At the time, meetups were still taking place offline, and we switched online since March 2020.


How did you get involved in the Tezos community?

I participated in the fundraiser back in 2017 and was lucky to engage early on with the community members on Element (ex-Riot). I co-founded Tezos Geneva in 2018, and we organised two meetups there. The first one was right before the mainnet launch in August 2018 with Arthur Breitman as one of our speakers.


What are you looking to achieve in your role as community manager?

I am here to facilitate the communication flow between the Tezos Foundation and the community. There are already a number of communication tools in place (Bi-Annual report, TF Weekly) and we plan to set up even more over time. I hope my linguistic skills will be of use too as I speak French, English and Russian and try to engage with the community members across the globe, e.g. Tezos Africa.


Keeping in mind that you only recently started at TF, if there was one thing you could tell the Tezos community about working at the Tezos Foundation, what would it be?

Despite the COVID situation in Switzerland, I went to the Foundation office in Zug a few times. I would like to say that the TF team is a hardworking team and committed to success. They are well aware of the ecosystem developments and challenges.


What three things are you most excited to see built on Tezos?

If only 3! In general, I’d like to see more decentralised real-world use cases and mass adoption. That may come with DApps, DeFi and STO’s. I am interested in tokenisation of real estate, for example, so the larger amount of people could digitally own real-estate.

Additional Ecosystem Updates:

Below are updates from around the ecosystem:


What initiatives are currently underway to market the Tezos project more widely? 

There is no question that there is more project marketing and awareness that can be done for Tezos, but it is worth flagging that there are a number of key efforts that are underway. For example, TQ Tezos and other ecosystem teams are working hard to completely overhaul tezos.com so that there is a clearer and simpler developer and ecosystem onboarding process. This won’t be completed overnight and will require iteration, but will be worth the effort to position Tezos as the leading blockchain project. TQ Tezos has also been running regular virtual events through TQuorum. Last week, Tim Draper guest starred and that event drove over 1,200 signups. Additionally, Tezos Commons has a number of marketing initiatives, including their successful TezTalks series.


What is Alice Lloyd George working on at the Foundation?

Alice Lloyd George is a member of the Foundation Council and has no operational role, same as all other Foundation Council members. She is part of the investment committee of the Foundation, which can recommend, for example, equity or debt investments by the Foundation.


Will you make the grant portal public to all Tezos holders or to at least all the Tezos Bakers?

The first version of our new grants platform is now live for active grantees. We look forward to feedback that we will incorporate into future, more feature-rich versions that will be more widely available to the Tezos ecosystem and also allow prospective grantees to submit grant applications. Of course, some features of the grant platform will only be available to existing grantees so they can monitor their progress easily and securely. As always, we will publish detailed information about our grant-making activity in our next Biannual Update. 

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