Special edition Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S giveaway deadline extended

Today marks the deadline for interacting with the Ledger Nano S giveaway smart contract. We want to thank the thousands of contributors who have already interacted with the smart contract- over 4,300 interactions have already been recorded!

And because we want to enable as many fundraiser contributors as possible to have the opportunity to claim this special edition hardware wallet, after the 15 July 23:59 UTC deadline, the Foundation will check interactions with the smart contract on a monthly basis and will send redemption codes to those who qualify.

Everyone who interacts with the smart contract before 15 July 23:59 UTC and meets all of the necessary criteria will receive their Ledger Nano S redemption codes, along with instructions on how to use them, this week via email.

Though the time to interact with the smart contract is open ended, the supply of the Tezos-engraved Nano S hardware wallets is limited to 10,000 units. Make sure you interact with the smart contract sooner rather than later to secure your redemption code!

The steps to activate a recommended allocation and claim a special edition Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S are outlined below:

1. Check a contribution

Enter a Tezos public key hash (begins with tz1…) from the fundraiser to check its recommended allocation. A contributor may find its public key hash on the PDF document it created during the fundraiser.


2. Obtain an activation code

An activation code is required to access a recommended allocation. Contributors must complete the Foundation’s verification process to obtain the activation codes corresponding to their public key hashes from the fundraiser. Contributors who have not completed this process may still do so now.


3. Activate a recommended allocation

A recommended allocation must be activated before it may be accessed. Contributors may activate the recommended allocations corresponding to public key hashes from the fundraiser using the Activation Tool.


4. Access a recommended allocation

Access a recommended allocation after it has been activated by using a Tezos wallet. Below are some Tezos wallets that have undergone independent external security audits – be sure to take all available safety precautions when entering private key information anywhere. Any party or software, such as a wallet, that gains knowledge of private key information will have access to the XTZ controlled by the corresponding public key hash.


5. Claim a Ledger Nano S

Once a contributor has accessed a recommended allocation, it may follow these instructions if it would like to continue with the procedure to claim a free Ledger Nano S hardware wallet:

  • Send a transaction of 0 XTZ to the smart contract at KT1BRudFZEXLYANgmZTka1xCDN5nWTMWY7SZ before 15 July 2019 at 23:59 UTC. All interactions recorded before this deadline will be included in the first wave of promotional code recipients. Transactions must be sent from a Tezos public key hash corresponding to a valid donation to the Foundation’s fundraiser and are solely for the purpose of confirming eligibility for a free Ledger Nano S. We will never ask contributors to send funds to an account or contract. Please be aware of phishing attempts and take all available safety precautions.
  • This address is a smart contract that will record 0 XTZ transactions, as well as any other transaction that interacts with it. Additionally, it will automatically return any XTZ that are sent to it, should more than 0 XTZ be sent by mistake. This process is meant to validate ownership of an activated account that contributed to the Foundation’s fundraiser.
  • After 15 July 2019, and on a monthly basis following this date, we will review all public key hashes that interact with the above smart contract. Next, we will send emails containing unique promo codes for 100% discounts on Ledger Nano S devices to the email addresses corresponding to these public key hashes, if there are any. These email addresses will be the ones submitted by contributors to complete the Foundation’s verification process at By interacting with the above mentioned smart contract, a contributor authorizes the Tezos Foundation to use an email address submitted to for the purpose of sending a promo code. The promo codes will also cover costs for regular shipping and some additional fees such as VAT and sales tax. These Ledger Nano S devices will be claimed directly from using the promo codes that will be provided.

For more information, visit the Get Started page at, and if you run into any issues, please contact [email protected] for help.

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