The Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection celebrates artists and cultural organizations exploring the Tezos protocol. The mission of the collection is to increase awareness and adoption of blockchain technology across the art world, as Tezos continues to steward and support institutions and artists building on Tezos.



How can my work be featured in the collection?

The Digital Art Gallery will showcase NFTs selected by the curator(s) appointed by the Tezos Foundation. We recommend using Twitter and other social channels to showcase your work and exploring Tezos ecosystem partners to mint, sell, collect and exchange your work. 

Why did the Tezos Foundation decide to create the Permanent Art Collection?

The mission of the Tezos Foundation is to support the Tezos protocol and ecosystem. With the emergence of NFTs, Tezos has become one of the top blockchains for artists worldwide, brought together by its energy-efficient design and low transaction fees. The Permanent Art Collection is a way to celebrate the amazing artists creating work on Tezos, and helps shine a spotlight on the rapidly growing Tezos ecosystem. 

Is it possible to buy NFTs from the Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery by Misan Harriman?

No. The NFTs collected by Misan Harriman for the Tezos Foundation will remain with the Tezos Foundation and will be added to the Tezos Foundation’s Permanent Art Collection. If you are interested in the artworks within the collection, you can explore the Tezos ecosystem and its marketplaces to see what other editions or objects may be available by the same or similar creators.

Who can we contact to get more information about the Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection?

The communications team of the Tezos Foundation welcomes any questions pertaining to The Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection, its Digital Art Gallery and its projects.

For additional information or interview requests, please reach out to: [email protected]

Will the Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection be loaned to institutions for purposes of exhibition?

The Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection may be loaned to or shared with institutions, museums and/or special events for exhibition purposes.

Any party interested in showcasing work from the collection is invited to inquire at [email protected].

How often will the Digital Art Gallery be updated?

The Digital Art Gallery aims to update on a quarterly schedule. Because the collecting is done publicly on the blockchain, it will be possible for interested parties to monitor the collection in real-time.

How will the Tezos Foundation prevent conflict of interest in the curation of the collection and galleries?

The Digital Art Gallery will be curated by Misan Harriman, a world-renowned Nigerian-born British photographer, entrepreneur and social activist. During the term of his curation, Mr Harriman has committed to not selling any of the NFTs in his personal collections to help preserve the integrity of the program.

Is the Tezos Foundation planning to create an exhibition with the Permanent Art Collection?

The Permanent Art Collection may be exhibited in the future, either on loan to qualified institutions, or as a solo-exhibition prepared by the Tezos Foundation or broader Tezos ecosystem teams.

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