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Tezos 2020 Year-in-Review

For our last Weekly Update of the year, we’re diving into some of the biggest accomplishments in the Tezos ecosystem throughout 2020. We will be back with the next weekly update on January 8, 2021.

The Tezos ecosystem had a successful 2020, with teams from across the world building new products, new developers being onboarded into the ecosystem, and worldwide community engagement, all in the midst of a pandemic that disrupted life as we knew it. Before we take a pause for a few weeks to celebrate the holiday season and the new year, we wanted to highlight just a few of the many accomplishments in 2020.

On the technical side, the Tezos ecosystem successfully adopted two new protocol proposals, Carthage and Delphi and injected another, Edo, which is currently in the exploration phase. Tezos core development teams also announced a new protocol upgrade schedule which lays out a regular cadence for proposals in 2021 and beyond. Additionally, the team at TQ Tezos introduced a new token standard, FA2, to support a wide range of token types and multi-asset contracts, and new integrations like Truffle Suite and Beacon SDK have made Tezos smart contract development easier than ever before. Finally, the introduction of the Harbinger oracle and SmartPy and Cryptonomic’s ongoing efforts to integrate Chainlink oracles, along with work from Bender Labs to migrate existing tokens onto Tezos and camlCase with the launch of Dexter are laying the groundwork for continued development of the DeFi ecosystem on Tezos.

On the adoption side, Tezos emerged as the blockchain of choice for leading institutions in 2020. In France, the Nomadic Labs team helped Tezos be selected by Societe Generale – Forge for its Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) experiments and supported leading French companies like EDF Group subsidiary Exaion and Sword France as they elected to participate in the Tezos ecosystem as bakers, while Logical Pictures launched a €100 million tokenized fund built on Tezos to finance films in the country. In the APAC region, Tezos was selected as one of the first 6 public blockchains for China’s state-backed blockchain infrastructure network, BSN, and as a technology partner by Microsoft India to incubate 100 startups for its “Century Program.” Additionally, Vertalo made Tezos its blockchain of choice for digital securities offerings and led a number of exciting projects, including the migration of digital security platform DealBox to Tezos, the first-ever tokenization of real estate in Mexico alongside MountX, and tokenizing $300M of real estate assets on Tezos along with tZERO.

Finally, the strength and enthusiasm of the Tezos community was on display throughout 2020, even as we couldn’t gather in person because of the pandemic. TQ Tezos and Coinlist co-hosted a successful hackathon with workshops and participation from community members throughout the world, and all year long, teams from Tezos Commons, TQ Tezos, and many more hosted virtual events like TQuorum and TezTalks that kept the community engaged throughout the year.

We couldn’t be more proud of what the Tezos ecosystem and community accomplished in 2020, and we couldn’t be more excited about all we’re going to accomplish in 2021 and the years to come. Onwards!

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