Tezos Foundation Releases Activation Codes

Activation codes are available The Tezos Foundation is pleased to announce that activation codes are now available to contributors who have completed the identity verification process at https://verification.tezos.com.

Contributors who have completed the identity verification process may log in to the website to obtain activation codes. This process may be completed before or after the betanet launch. Activation codes will be required to access the recommended allocations of the corresponding public key hashes after the betanet goes live.

Launch readiness
In a previous announcement, we outlined some of the milestones for the project to reach before a genesis block would be proposed. We are pleased with the progress:

Items completed:

  • Compute storage costs
  • Correct Michelson calling-convention to issue operations instead of calls
  • Enforce checkpointing in the shell for bootstrapping nodes
  • Provide hardware signature capabilities
  • Improve the reliability of the baking daemon
  • Compute gas costs

Items in progress:

  • Tune gas constants
  • Test secure infrastructure for the Foundation’s recommended allocation
  • Propose genesis block

Thank you,
Tezos Foundation

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