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Tezos Teams Prepare to Participate in Virtual Blockchain Conference 'Ready Layer One'

Teams from across the Tezos community are coming together to participate in the upcoming virtual blockchain conference, “Ready Layer One.”

Teams from across the Tezos community are coming together to participate in the upcoming virtual blockchain conference, “Ready Layer One.” The conference, which will take place from May 4-6, is a cross-chain collaboration hosted by teams from Tezos, Polkadot, Cosmos, NEAR, and Protocol Labs.

“Ready Layer One” is a shining example of unity, collaboration, and co-creation in the blockchain space, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has brought economies and nations to a grinding halt across the globe. Describing the event, TQ Tezos Events Director Alissa Yi said, “Ready Layer One is an opportunity for Tezos community members to put their heads together with other individuals across the entire crypto ecosystem to prototype and collaborate on creative ideas. At a time when we can’t physically come together, we have to work twice as hard to support collaboration virtually.”

From the Tezos ecosystem, teams from TQ Tezos, Nomadic Labs, Truffle, camlCase, StakerDAO, and Cryptium Labs are all slated to attend and participate, and Arthur Breitman is sitting down with Laura Shin for a live recording of the Unchained podcast.

Jonas Lamis, the Founder of StakerDAO who is speaking at Ready Layer One, commented “We’ve been hard at work launching the first “for-profit” DAO on Tezos and we’ve learned quite a bit about getting a solution to market that honors the decentralized vision of Tezos but also lives within the legal and regulatory constructs of society. What we’ve built will hopefully be copied and improved on across the proof of stake ecosystem as different teams launch solutions that reduce rent costs and improve customer experience in all areas of business. Collectively, the layer one community is building tools that will usher in a more fair, less fragile society.”

The Tezos Commons Foundation has a limited selection of tickets available exclusively to the Tezos community. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so here. While tickets come free of charge, all Ready Layer One attendees are expected to actively engage and contribute to the event and to the future of the decentralized web.

Additional Ecosystem Updates:

This section provides some key highlights and updates from around the Tezos ecosystem in the past week.


Why are there no updates regarding BTG deal (STO)? Was it just a lot of noise (from a third world country) and not backed up by anything?

The BTG Pactual REIT-BZ deal is progressing according to plan and should be ready for launch on the Tezos network shortly. There has been a slight delay (approximately 6 weeks from the initial schedule) due to COVID-19 related operational challenges in managing keys and administrative access due to the shelter-in-place orders in Brazil, but we have used this time to continue refining the technology stack this initial Tezos STO is built on. There will be public announcements as the token launches. We are very pleased with the progress BTG Pactual and partners have made in readying this token for public launch, and look forward to additional collaboration in the future.

Should Tezos in TF’s view rather scale on layer 1 (tenderbake, avalanche) or on layer 2? We are a bit exploring everything and wasting a lot of resources. Why not focus on one or two things, but with all resources and be a leader rather than take the “wait and follow” strategy?

Tezos is a truly decentralized project – each team that receives funding is given the freedom to pursue their own goals and milestones. That said, in order to be a leading public blockchain solution – we are not afforded the luxury of being able to focus on only layer 1 or layer 2. We need to scale both quickly and with an efficient use of resources. The infrastructure and tooling on Tezos has grown leaps and bounds and we have been able to do it without exhausting the funds raised in 2017.

What Tezos-related things are you most excited for in 2020?

There are many exciting things planned for 2020 in the Tezos ecosystem. The upcoming 007 protocol upgrade, which will include zk-SNARKs, will enable a large number of applications previously impossible on a public blockchain. Continued adoption of Tezos by meaningful applications in asset tokenization, payments, gaming, and other categories will bring Tezos to a much larger community, and correspondingly will support improvements in tools and infrastructure. Improved standards and libraries around tokens, wallets, indexers, and other infrastructure will make it easier for high-quality tools to support the full functionality of Tezos as well as make it easier for developers to quickly integrate Tezos into their platforms and applications.

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