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Tezos teams propose Delphi, a new protocol upgrade

Last week, Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Gabriel Alfour announced a new protocol proposal, Delphi. This week, we decided to take a deeper dive into the Delphi proposal.

Last week, Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Gabriel Alfour announced that they were jointly releasing a new Tezos protocol proposal, Delphi, which was proposed on September 3rd. Delphi is intended to improve the performance of the Michelson interpreter and gas model. The announcement followed an August 19th Tezos Town Hall where members of the community asked whether an interim protocol proposal could be injected to introduce gas improvements to help smart contract developers in the Tezos ecosystem.

Delphi is the latest proposed upgrade to Tezos, following Athens, Babylon, and Carthage, and is currently in the Exploration Vote period. As with the previous protocol proposals, the Tezos Foundation has voted to abstain and allow the community to decide the future of the Tezos protocol. The Delphi proposal is meant to serve as an interim improvement while another proposal will follow later in the year, which is expected to include support for features on the Dalphanet test network including Sapling, baking accounts, and more.

According to the announcement, the Delphi proposal intends to “enable novel applications on Tezos that target areas like DeFi (‘Decentralized Finance’), collectibles, and gaming” by improving gas constraints so individuals can more easily develop more complex smart contracts. The proposal also aims to reduce storage costs and improve the safety of Michelson, in addition to providing a number of other minor bug fixes.

Tezos bakers now have 18 days remaining to vote on the changes. For more resources on the Delphi proposal, community members can read the original blog post from Nomadic Labs, the Delphi changelog, or explore the source code on Metastate’s GitLab. We also encourage ecosystem participants to join the conversation on Agora.

Additional Ecosystem Updates:

Below are some updates from around the ecosystem this week:


Is anyone working on an iOS or Android app that sends notifications to bakers for missed endorsements and bakes? For example, we enter our baker address and the app sends a push notification when issues arise?

The TezosNotiferBot does exactly this. It is a Telegram bot that allows users to enter one or multiple addresses and track them. Users can enter the address of a baker and it will alert them of missed endorsements and bakes. It can also alert users of other things like transactions, new delegations, and votings. 


Tezos needs better promotional resources available, some kind of an advocacy toolkit that could allow the community to help drive awareness for Tezos. Is that something the Foundation could provide for the community?

We believe that the creation of promotional resources are best left up to the local entities that the Tezos Foundation has funded for the purpose of general marketing and business development. Tezos Commons and TQ Tezos are prime examples. That being said, we believe having an advocacy toolkit for Tezos would be beneficial, and have passed the idea along to teams in the ecosystem who are best prepared to create such a toolkit.

Is it possible to fund someone that could build a step by step tutorial online or YouTube where it’s easy to follow for beginners to fully understand what goes into building dapps on Tezos?

We support a diverse mixture of introductory courses, developer training, and other resources to bolster the Tezos developer community. If you’re interested in Dapp development, the BUIDL Labs team created Cryptoverse Wars, an interactive code school to build Dapps on Tezos using SmartPy. The OCTO Technology team has created a similar resource for the LIGO language, Tezos Academy. We are also supporting two new training resources. Tezos Kitchen by the Stove Labs team, a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum of content for developers to learn how Tezos can be utilized for a variety of use-cases, and Michelson Labs, an interactive Tezos developer training program from Baking Bad.

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