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Update: Week Of 10 February 2020

Dear Tezos community, In case you missed it, last week I announced that I will not seek re-election to the Tezos Foundation Council this spring. I am so grateful for the entire Tezos community and the work we have put in together to build momentum for the Tezos project and ecosystem. To ensure a smooth transition, the Foundation Council has formed a Nomination Committee which consists of Hubertus Thonhauser, Alexis Bonte, Ryan Lackey, and Ulrich Sauter.

We were also excited to see the Taurus Group announce the first results of its strategic collaboration with the Tezos Foundation. Taurus has now integrated the Tezos protocol into its digital asset infrastructure so that its clients can securely store and transfer Tezos-based tokens. The second phase of the collaboration will enhance Taurus’ existing infrastructure to integrate capital markets use cases and transactions based on Tezos. We can’t wait to see where the Taurus-Tezos Foundation collaboration leads.

Finally, the next TQuorum will be held in advance of Paris Blockchain Week on March 30th. We cannot wait for another opportunity to bring community stakeholders together for a day of workshops, discussions, and community-building. Make sure to follow TQ Tezos on Twitter and the #TQuorum hashtag to be notified when RSVPs open.

Best regards,

Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Tezos workshop by Nomadic Labs

Our Activities

There is only one week left to submit proposals for the latest RFP for ecosystem grants issued by the Foundation! The Foundation is soliciting proposals in the following categories:

  • Applications built using Tezos smart contracts (with a special interest in Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi”, and digital securities applications)
  • Tools for Tezos smart contract development (e.g. smart contract testing tools, smart contract templates, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Educational/training resources covering Tezos (e.g. Kauri, CryptoZombies, etc.)
  • Projects focused on using Tezos in new markets (industries and/or geographies)
  • Marketing and other initiatives to help increase awareness of Tezos and its ecosystem
  • Tooling around tez as money
  • Projects which are uniquely possible on Tezos
  • Other proposals for projects targeting categories not listed above that may benefit the Tezos ecosystem

Make sure to apply by February 21.

FAQs: I contributed to the Tezos Foundation’s fundraiser but I cannot figure out how to activate my recommended allocation – what do I do?

This is a question that we have answered here before but is worth repeating as we still see it come up in the community. In order to activate a recommended allocation, start by checking a contribution to the Foundation’s fundraiser. After checking, you can then begin the Foundation’s verification process to obtain an activation code corresponding to a public key hash from the fundraiser. Finally, activate a recommended allocation. Follow the steps at the bottom of this page, and if you run into any issue along the way, please email [email protected].

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