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Update: Week of 16 September 2019

Dear Tezos community, Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of Tezos becoming mainnet! We have a lot to look forward to as we stand at the one-year mark of mainnet. The TQuorum Global Summit begins on 29 September and will consist of 3 days of technical workshops, panels, and keynote speeches. There will be a day dedicated to staking and a day dedicated to digital securities. You can get a ticket to one or all of the days here.

Additionally, we were pleased to announce the release of a fundraiser password support tool. This tool aims to help fundraiser contributors with lost fundraiser passwords to attempt to recover their passwords and access the corresponding recommended allocations of Tezos tokens (tez). To use the tool, go to https://recovery.tezos.com/.

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Grantee Updates

Below are some updates on our grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

Our Activities

In addition to releasing a fundraiser password recovery tool, the Foundation has been working hard to finalize a number of important grants. Specifically, the Foundation was pleased this week to announce that it has issued grants to Kyoto University and Edukera, based in Japan and France, respectively, to further advance the Tezos smart contract development ecosystem. Furthermore, this week we issued a new request for proposals (RFP) for Tezos ecosystem grants. We invite all parties eager to contribute to the Tezos project to submit grant applications.

On top of the Foundation’s grantmaking actions this week, the team is incredibly excited to join the rest of the community at the TQuorum Global Summit in New York City from 29 September – 1 October. Ryan Jesperson and Ryan Lackey will both be speaking. Grab your ticket now!

FAQs: Why doesn’t the Foundation release individual amounts for grants?

We strive to be as transparent in our actions as possible but if we released individual amounts and terms of every grant, we would lose leverage in attracting future grant proposals. If the terms of our grants are always made public, we will not be able to efficiently and effectively disperse funds. More importantly, given the sensitive nature of money, we respect our grantees’ right to keep their finances private. We included grant allocations for each category in our bi-annual report released in August.

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