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Update: Week Of 3 February 2020

Statement from the Tezos Foundation Please see the recent announcement by the President of the Tezos Foundation, Ryan Jesperson. We are beyond grateful for his years of dedicated service to the Tezos ecosystem and community, and we wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Foundation Council has formed a Nomination Committee which consists of Hubertus Thonhauser, Alexis Bonte, Ryan Lackey, and Ulrich Sauter. In coming weeks, the Committee will release additional information regarding the criteria and process that will be followed to select the next Foundation Chair. We ask that you wait until then for further information. We look forward to the continued growth of the Tezos ecosystem in 2020 and beyond.

Update: Week of 3 February 2020

Dear Tezos community,

We were excited to see that the Japanese multinational group Sony invested in Securitize this week through its venture capital fund SFV (Sony Financial Ventures) and Japan-based VC firm Global Brain. This is another validation of the Tezos ecosystem, as Securitize is in the process of tokenizing $1 billion worth of real estate assets on Tezos through a collaboration with Elevated Returns. We are thrilled to see Tezos emerging as the protocol of choice for digital securities.

TQ Tezos also announced this week that the next TQuorum will be held in Paris on March 30 in advance of Paris Blockchain Week. We can’t wait to have the whole community together once again to discuss all things Tezos. Make sure to follow TQ Tezos on Twitter and the #TQuorum hashtag to be notified when RSVPs open.

Best regards,

Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Our Activities

The Foundation is still soliciting applications for the next ecosystem grants RFP in the following categories:

  • Applications built using Tezos smart contracts (with a special interest in Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi”, and digital securities applications)
  • Tools for Tezos smart contract development (e.g. smart contract testing tools, smart contract templates, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Educational/training resources covering Tezos (e.g. Kauri, CryptoZombies, etc.)
  • Projects focused on using Tezos in new markets (industries and/or geographies)
  • Marketing and other initiatives to help increase awareness of Tezos and its ecosystem
  • Tooling around tez as money
  • Projects which are uniquely possible on Tezos
  • Other proposals for projects targeting categories not listed above that may benefit the Tezos ecosystem

Prospective applicants have until February 21 to submit their proposals.

FAQs: When TF issues a grant, is there an amount reserved for support?

The grants generally are to build and support during the grant period itself, but we usually don’t break down the amount for one or the other, nor is there a contractual obligation after the grant period. We generally deal with the post-grant-period support in two ways: 1) a follow on grant is possible to continue development and support of a tool and 2) most tools are open source, so if it is successful, anyone can potentially continue development and support.

It is definitely the case that building a tool and getting it widely used is not the end of the lifecycle for a tool, and we are always looking to work with people who have built tools to keep them current and supported. At the same time, we don’t want to raise the bar to experimenting and building something so high as to deter people from starting in the first place. If someone isn’t supporting an open source tool they  developed, perhaps because they are working on other things or just doesn’t want to support it anymore, TF would be willing to consider grant applications by third parties to support and maintain the tool.

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