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Update: Week of 30 March 2020

Dear Tezos community, We hope you’re staying safe and healthy wherever you are. This week we released a new version of the Tezos Foundation website. We hope you’ll take a look and let us know what you think. We have already started incorporating a couple of really helpful pieces of feedback from the community and will continue to do so as it comes in.

The Stove Labs team introduced its proposed implementation of the TZIP-12 token standard (a.k.a. FA2) this week. The new standard, which aims to standardize integration & token data exchange between smart contracts and clients, was proposed earlier in March by TQ Tezos. We are encouraged to see how rapidly the community began working on it, and look forward to future developments!

Tezos Berlin also hosted a successful virtual meetup last weekend with community members from around the world. Speakers from Nomadic Labs and Cryptium labs spoke on the latest developments regarding the core protocol, including the upcoming Tezos Sapling integration for privacy-preserving features. You can find video recordings of the meetup here.

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Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Our Activities

The Foundation is continuing to work on a new grant platform to improve the grant application and management process, with the goal of providing the Tezos community with transparency into the grant process, initially via Tezos Agora. We also conducted multiple Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings this week to discuss the current grant cohort, and are in the process of performing technical milestone audits of existing grantees. More to follow.

On the development front, we are working with community members on the launch of the first DeFi applications on Tezos, and look forward to further development next week. We are also supporting several corporate institutions that will work on Tezos, including banks and fintech companies.

Finally, if you still haven’t seen the second edition of the Tezos Foundation Biannual Update, you can find it here.

FAQs: Regarding the civil litigation update – who is entitled to receive the settlement funds and how will they be distributed?

Settlement funds will be distributed to those in the settlement class who file valid claim forms.  The settlement class would consist of those who participated in the Foundation’s fundraiser in 2017, but would exclude the defendants and certain of their affiliates. The federal courts in the United States have not yet determined how to allocate funds among class members.

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