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Update: Week Of 9 March 2020

Dear Tezos community, In case you missed it, Nomadic Labs hosted a Tezos developers day on March 6th following the EthCC conference. Over the course of the day, attendees heard a wide range of presentations from representatives of Nomadic LabsSmartPySkillZ, and more. You can catch up on all the presentations here.

TQ Tezos has had a busy couple of weeks, as it published a request for comment on FA2, a multi-asset interface for Tezos, last week. This week, TQ Tezos’ own Jacob Arluck was interviewed on the Epicenter podcast. He discussed all things Tezos, including core protocol development, teams and projects that make up the Tezos ecosystem, the Tezos governance process, and his thoughts on the future of the protocol. You can listen to the episode here.

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Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Our Activities

In case you missed it, last week the Tezos Foundation published a blog post outlining changes to the Foundation’s governance structure and information on the nomination process. The changes to the governance structure will put an executive team in place to allow the Council to step back from day-to-day management duties, and will be implemented in phases throughout 2020.

The Foundation will release the second Biannual Update next week, which will describe the Foundation’s efforts since the first Biannual Update, and highlight accomplishments within the Tezos ecosystem. If you haven’t yet viewed the first Biannual Update, you can do so here.

FAQs: When will PwC Switzerland’s 2018 audit of the Foundation be completed?

This is a question that we have answered here before but is worth repeating as we still see it come up in the community.

The Tezos Foundation is the only large-scale public blockchain foundation that has a “Big4” audit firm as its independent statutory auditor. The 2018 audit was recently completed and, as customary and mandated by Swiss law, the audit report has been filed with the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations. The audit took longer than planned due to the complexity and novelty of auditing cryptocurrency assets. The 2018 audit report is not a public document and the Foundation has committed to proactively publishing Biannual Updates to provide public accountability and transparency. The next Biannual Update is in its final stages and will be released next week. There will be a section in the update that speaks more about the nature of the completed 2018 audit and also the 2019 audit which is now underway.

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