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Update: Week of 9 September 2019

Dear Tezos community, At the Foundation, we believe that funding projects created by a diverse set of teams and developers encourages decentralized development and robust participation in the Tezos ecosystem. This is one of our key guiding principles and it was at the front of our minds when we were evaluating applications for our second cohort of Tezos ecosystem grants.

This second cohort of grantees includes:

  • Runtime Verification
  • Catsigma
  • Matthew Smith
  • Norn Community
  • Klas Harrysson
  • ECAD Labs
  • Reason Association
  • Agile Ventures
  • Baking Bad
  • Protofire
  • fabr(x)
  • OCaml Software Foundation
  • Ackee

For more information on what each of these grantees is working on, you can read our full announcement here. Some of these grantees also published their own blog posts about their grants. Links to these are included in our announcement above.

Best regards,

Grantee Updates

Below are some updates on our grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

Our Activities

This week, we were proud to announce our second cohort of ecosystem grants. In this cohort, we’ve given out 14 new grants to projects that will strengthen the Tezos ecosystem. We thank the 38 applicants who worked with us through the review process and look forward to the next round of ecosystem grants. The application for the next round opens next week on 18 September. In addition to this announcement, we:

  • Met with teams that are working on the core protocol and learned more about their upcoming plans. More communication from these teams will come at TQuorum: Tezos Global Summit in NYC.
  • The Foundation and other community members continue to receive a significant amount of inquiries from developers eager to build on Tezos – we are exploring further opportunities and use cases.
  • Brought on additional communications capabilities at the Foundation. One of the first projects will be a redesign of the Foundation’s website.
  • We appreciate your continued patience on our password recovery tool. The launch is imminent but there were some additional features that we wanted to include that are now being finalized and taking a bit more time. We look forward to launching this tool next week.

FAQs: Do wallet developers need to make any changes to their code if the Babylon 2.0 proposal is adopted?

Yes, wallet developers will need to migrate their code to be compatible with Babylon 2.0 if it is accepted by stakeholders in the Promotion Vote Period. The Babylon 2.0 protocol upgrade brings two big changes to the way delegation can be implemented. First, implicit (aka tz1) accounts can now directly delegate their tokens. Second, the scriptless KT1 accounts, whose main purpose has been delegation, are replaced by smart contracts whose addresses are unchanged and script is manager.tz. For more on these changes and what wallet developers need to do to avoid breaking changes, please read these instructions from the team at Nomadic Labs and these technical details from Cryptium Labs.

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