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Exploring DirectAuth on Tezos by Kukai Wallet

Following last week’s news from TezosCommons & the Kukai team that the Kukai Wallet now supports DirectAuth for one-click wallet access from Google, Reddit, and Twitter accounts, we took a deep dive into the new release and caught up with the team.

Last week, Tezos Commons and the Kukai Wallet team announced version 1.9 of Kukai, an open source web wallet for Tezos which lets users store their tez, manage multiple accounts, send transactions, and delegate to bakers.

The latest update introduces DirectAuth, which enables users to log in with one-click and be able to send tez to people by simply entering in their Google account email address, Reddit username, or Twitter handle.

In discussing the latest release, Kukai lead developer Klas Viktor Harrysson cited increased ease-of-use and simple onboarding to the Tezos ecosystem as a major reason behind introducing DirectAuth. Per Harrysson, “We’re most excited about the easy onboarding that DirectAuth enables and how users seamlessly can send tez directly to others’ social media accounts.”

The Kukai team, which functions as a project underneath Tezos Commons, has two upcoming releases planned for later this year which will improve onboarding new users and connecting them to the growing Tezos ecosystem. 

When asked what challenges he sees on the horizon for Kukai, Harrysson stated that “the next frontier and challenge will be to make contract and token interaction as user-friendly as possible, without compromising security.” With their upcoming updates, the Kukai team will continue to balance ease-of-use and security as they seek to expand the reach of the Tezos ecosystem. To keep up with the Kukai team, you can follow them on Twitter or join their Telegram channel.

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We at the Foundation are preparing a standalone Q&A document that will answer commonly-asked community questions. We plan to release this Q&A next week along with our typical Weekly Update.

Where can I find information about new protocol proposals?

You can find information about the current Delphi proposal on Tezos Agora at this link. The proposal is currently in its promotion phase.

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