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Inside ecoo, a voucher for local businesses on Tezos

This week, we took a deep dive inside the Swiss town of Wetzikon’s new electronic voucher program developed by DU DA, Farner Consulting and Papers, and built on Tezos.

This week, the Swiss town of Wetzikon announced that they are introducing an electronic voucher program with vouchers that are solely redeemable at local businesses, built on Tezos. The pilot project is a collaboration between Wetzikon, DU DA, Farner Consulting, and Papers, and will allow the 25,000 inhabitants of Wetzikon to redeem their eCoupons at small and medium-sized enterprises in the town.

The program will be facilitated by ecoo, a secure, simple, digital platform for issuing and managing the eCoupon cycle built on Tezos. ecoo operates via a smartphone app where users can convert eCoupons to “credits” that they can then use at local small and medium-sized enterprises. Those businesses, in turn, can convert the eCoupons into fiat currency. 

When asked how the project came about, Farner’s Martin Reichlin said, “The project idea came from Marc van Nuffel, the CEO of DU DA, who was eager to use Tezos, but needed technical expertise. The Foundation put him in touch with Papers CEO Alessandro De Carli, who helped put the idea on paper and build an MVP. We then received interest from Wetzikon and the project developed from there.”

According to Wetzikon Mayor Ruedi Rüfenacht, the program is a “viable solution to motivate the people of Wetzikon to shop in local stores instead of just buying online or from wholesalers outside our town.”

Beyond the initial program in Wetzikon, the ecoo platform is scalable for a number of creative use cases like rewards programs for restaurants and resorts, or for events and festivals where a self-contained “currency” is used in a closed ecosystem.

ecoo is an exciting real-world project and use case that demonstrates the security and usability of Tezos-based solutions to solve real problems and boost local economies.

Additional Ecosystem Updates:

Below are updates from around the ecosystem:


What is the function of Tezos Foundation Council Members on a day-to-day basis?

The main purposes of the Tezos Foundation are to allocate funding to various independently operating entities in the Tezos ecosystem, as well as to manage its own treasury. The Council Members don’t have a day-to-day operational role at the Foundation but define the funding and asset-management strategy of the Foundation including its organisation, and mandate the operations team to put this strategy in place and supervise the progress. As such, the foundation Council is the ultimate responsible body at the Tezos Foundation. Council members have been selected from various industry backgrounds in order to accomplish the Foundation’s mission.


What is the scope/goal of EDF starting a baker ?

Exaion, EDF’s subsidiary, said the following about its decision to bake on Tezos: “Exaion’s vocation is to make the blockchain accessible to large groups by positioning itself as a privileged partner. Exaion supports companies from the ideation phase to the application development phase and then to hosting on its own infrastructures. Initially, Exaion provides its customers with a stable node hosted on a dedicated industrial-scale infrastructure. In a second step, Exaion uses the node as a gateway for its internal and customer applications.”


Is the Foundation taking initiative to get on PayPal’s new crypto accepting platform?

The PayPal news is big for the industry and of course every team in crypto is looking at what they can do to be included. Members of the Tezos ecosystem are connected with parties involved. We will keep the community updated as we know more.


When is the next TF grant session opening?

Tezos Foundation has released a new version of the grant platform and is gathering feedback from its current active grantees before the next step.


Will someone fix and maintain TezBox moving forward?

Klassare from Kukai is currently in the process of fixing TezBox, but the project remains a work in progress.


Will the Tezos Foundation sponsor a Tezos dapp based hackathon? And if so, can they make the prizes much larger to entice more people from different coding backgrounds and cryptocurrency communities to participate?

The Foundation has sponsored hackathons in the past, and is certainly open to sponsoring a dapp hackathon in the future or supporting Tezos teams which choose to organize a Tezos-based dapp hackathon as part of a marketing strategy.


Any news about the Tezos faucet?

It was decided to not refill the faucet currently as there is no technical need to have it for now.

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