Tezos Foundation's Grant Program

A key activity of the Tezos Foundation is to deploy resources to entities and initiatives that will help to ensure the long-term success of Tezos. Areas of interest reflect our current needs and we will review them periodically. You are invited to propose your projects at any time, please propose interesting and relevant projects that are not on this list as “Other” projects.

Our Evaluation Process

The evaluation process for new grant applications normally takes between eight and twelve weeks. It is essential that prospective grantees and their projects are evaluated diligently to ensure that the deployed resources add proportional value to the Tezos ecosystem. The status of your grant application can also be seen in the Grant Platform. Our evaluation process contains the following steps:


You can apply with your project at any time, each area of interest contains a link that will guide you to the Grant Platform (see below).
Applications are initially vetted to ensure they fulfill the Tezos Foundations formal and substantial requirements. Vetting is performed by several contributors from the Tezos ecosystem. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has full visibility over reviewers and ensures adequate management of potential conflicts of interest.


Applications that pass through the initial review phase are sent to the Tezos Foundation’s TAC for technical due diligence and evaluation. The list of current TAC members can be found in the “About Us” section. The TAC does not make grant decisions itself, but rather offers advice on an application’s technological strength and usefulness to the Tezos ecosystem.


Applications that receive positive recommendations from the TAC complete a due diligence process before final decisions to approve, decline, or revise grant applications are made by the Executive Committee or the Tezos Foundation Council.


Final decisions about grant applications are communicated to applicants after they are made by the Tezos Foundation. Lastly, approved applicants collaborate with the Tezos Foundation to complete legal paperwork before a grant is finalized.

Grants are usually paid out in multiple installments. Such installments are subject to a payment schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved. The Tezos Foundation controls payments and assesses milestone reports from grantees prior to follow-on payments. The Foundation may not distribute follow-on payments for projects that do not hit their deliverables.

Areas of Interest


Tezos has a growing number of bakers in its ecosystem that help secure the network by signing and publishing blocks. Our goal is to empower bakers by supporting the development of standardized tools, tutorials and cloud applications.

Developer Experience

Our goal is to make Tezos easy to build on and onboard new developers to the ecosystem. We are looking to support tools, tutorials and documentation to improve user experience for all Tezos developers.

Education and Training

The growth and success of Tezos is heavily linked to the Tezos community. To grow and support the community, we want to enable all ecosystem members around the world.

End-User Applications

Tezos enables new types of applications, which can address problems that have been traditionally difficult to solve using legacy software stacks. We are looking to support new applications that drive wide adoption and benefit standardization, censorship-resistance, or user control on the Tezos protocol.


Censorship-resistance is key for all developments on Tezos. Our goal is to support research and development of infrastructure to build on Tezos’ strengths and enhance privacy-preserving solutions.


Tezos has the assurance required for high value use cases and a focus on formal methods. Given this strength we aim to support projects building security solutions for Tezos.


Projects targeting categories not listed here that may advance the Tezos ecosystem!

Call for Proposals

Find the areas of interest to submit your project proposal here.

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