Grants – Priorities & Process

A key activity of the Tezos Foundation is to deploy resources to entities and initiatives that will help to ensure the long term success of Tezos. The Tezos Foundation is focused on three grant categories:

Research, Education & Core Development Grants

Foster innovation, development and education about Tezos. These grants include a range of projects from online training courses to core protocol development.

Ecosystem – Tools & Applications Grants

Lower barriers to entry to help make Tezos as accessible as possible for developers and end-users of subsequent applications.

Community Grants

Support other organizations and initiatives that strengthen and grow the Tezos community to which the Tezos Foundation belongs.

The evaluation process for new grant applications normally takes between six and eight weeks. It is essential that prospective grantees and their projects are evaluated diligently to ensure that the deployed resources add proportional value to the Tezos ecosystem.

Evaluation process


Applications are initially vetted to ensure they fulfill the Tezos Foundation’s formal requirements. Formal requirements are published for prospective applicants via a Call for Proposals.


Applications that pass through the initial review phase are sent to the Tezos Foundation’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), chaired by Tezos Foundation Council member Michel Mauny, for technical due diligence and evaluation. The list of current TAC members can be found in the “About Us” section. The TAC does not make grant decisions itself, but rather offers advice on an application’s technological strength and usefulness to the Tezos ecosystem.


Applications that receive positive recommendations from the TAC complete a due diligence process before final decisions to approve, decline, or revise grant applications are made by the Tezos Foundation Council.


Final decisions about grant applications are communicated to applicants after they are made by the Tezos Foundation Council. Lastly, approved applicants collaborate with the Tezos Foundation to complete legal paperwork before a grant is finalised.

In some circumstances, when projects are of significant importance to the Tezos ecosystem, the Tezos Foundation will push applications through an out-of-cycle process. It is important to note that although these applications are expedited, they undergo the same due diligence process and require the same approvals.

Grants are usually paid out in multiple installments. Such installments are subject to a payment schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved. The Tezos Foundation controls payments and assesses milestone reports from grantees prior to follow-on payments. It may involve the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in this process if technical assessments are needed. The Tezos Foundation may not distribute follow-on payments for projects that do not hit their deliverables.

All applications are currently progressing through our grant review process.

Call for Proposals

The Application Period for our current round of Ecosystem Grants is closed. All applications are progressing through our review process.

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