Tezos Foundation Personnel Update

The Foundation Council is happy to announce that Roman Schnider will be joining the Council as President starting March 24th, 2022. 

Following an ordinary Council meeting on March 24th, the Council concluded that appointing a full-time executive president will help to streamline decision making processes within the Foundation. All other Council members will remain a supervisory body of non-executive directors.

Roman will succeed Hubertus Thonhauser who has decided to step down as chair of the Foundation Council and member of the Executive Committee after having served as a member of the Council since 2018 and of the Executive Committee since its creation in 2019. Hubertus will remain a senior advisor to the Tezos Foundation while continuing to focus on his role as a partner in the venture-capital firms Enabling Future and Ghaf Capital. Roman joined the Tezos Foundation as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Operations in 2019, and has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2019. Together with Hubertus, they played an instrumental role in restructuring the operations and processes in place and in introducing compliance standards that led to positioning the Foundation where it is today.

Roman joins the eight other Council members who have been reelected for another year.

The Foundation Council and Executive Committee of the Tezos Foundation would like to thank Hubertus Thonhauser for his years of dedication in leading the Foundation Council and as a member of the Executive Committee. The Council welcomes Roman Schnider as President.

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