Update: Week of 22 July 2019

Dear Tezos community, There is a lot to be excited about this week. Babylon, a proposed amendment spearheaded by Cryptium Labs has been injected into the protocol with the help of Nomadic Labs and the Marigold Project. Tezos one year celebrations continued around the world with successful events in New York and Paris this week.

We are excited to support a project from Simple Staking to make Tezos more accessible for the Rust developer community. The first round of emails containing promo codes for Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S wallets was released . Tezos continues to be a major player in the development and discussion of STOs and asset tokenization. Tezos Israel held a training event in Tel Aviv, Tezos Southeast Asia and MyTezosBaker are hosting a baking workshop tomorrow in Hong Kong, and Tezos Korea is hosting a blockchain camp in Busan.

These are exciting times and I am looking forward to another week of progress next week.

Best regards,

Grantees & Funded Entities

Below are some updates from our grantees and other funded entities in the past week:

Our Activities

We have been hard at work this week at the Foundation. Here are a few of the things that we have been focusing on this week in addition to regular administrative work and operational duties:

  • We sent out the first round of promo codes for free Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S hardware wallets. If you contributed to the fundraiser, make sure you receive your free Nano S by following the instructions here. The original deadline was extended and contributors may still interact with the giveaway smart contract to be eligible. Supply is limited so act soon!
  • Council member Hubertus Thonhauser’s interview on Tezonomics was released.
  • We finalized a grant to Simple Staking to support its project to build a Tezos node in Rust.
  • We approved several other grants and will announce them in the coming weeks. Additionally, grant proposals from the latest round of ecosystem grants are almost through our review process.
  • Continued to work on our bi-annual report to provide greater insight and transparency to the Foundation’s operations and finances. We had been targeting end of July as a release date but instead anticipate releasing around August 5th. Roman Schnider, the new CFO / Head of Operations, officially starts the first of August and the adjusted release date will help ensure we have a good amount of his involvement.

FAQs: I recently interacted with the giveaway smart contract but have not received a promo code for a Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S. What should I do?

We initially set a deadline of 15 July 2019 to interact with the giveaway smart contract to be eligible to receive a promo code for a free Tezos-engraved Ledger Nano S. As stated in this announcement, we extended this deadline and will now inspect the smart contract on a monthly basis and send promo codes at those times to those who are eligible.

If a contributor interacted with the smart contract after the 15 July 2019 deadline, its email address registered at https://verification.tezos.com/ will receive an email with a promo code for a Ledger Nano S in several weeks after the smart contract is inspected, and on a monthly basis after that for those who interact with it in the future. Please follow the instructions here to interact with the smart contract.

Contributors may contact [email protected] should they have any questions.

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