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Update: Week of 28 October 2019

Dear Tezos community, This past week, the Foundation announced a partnership with Alliance Investments, tZERO, and Megalodon to tokenize £500m of UK real estate over the next several years. Alliance’s River Plaza property will be the first real estate-backed security token offering (STO) in the UK, and one of only a handful worldwide. This is a step forward for the Tezos ecosystem in piloting transformative real world blockchain use cases.

The Foundation also announced a new strategic investment in Berlin-based Fundament Securities GmbH to introduce a legal-tech solution for tokenizing regulated financial products on Tezos. Their 250m EUR real estate-backed STO, which was structured as a bond, was the first of its kind with approval from the German financial regulator, BaFin. Fundament provides end-to-end infrastructure for digital securities. Moving forward they will build on Tezos as a default blockchain solution. The partnership between Fundament and the Tezos Foundation is also the beginning of an effort to build a strong Tezos community and developer network in Berlin, Germany. More information will be coming on that topic in the future.

We are constantly impressed by the ingenuity of Tezos community members. This week Tezos Capital founder, Jonas Lamis, announced a new platform, StakerDAO, to be built on Tezos with support from Polychain Capital. The platform is designed specifically for governing financial assets in a secure, decentralized, and compliant manner, and plans to deliver financial assets that make it easy to participate in Proof of Stake networks.

We are excited to see members of the Tezos community continue to build and launch such innovative projects.

Best regards,

Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Our Activities

This week, the Foundation announced new grants to Figment Networks, a Tezos baker and the team behind the popular Hubble block explorer, and Papers, the team behind the tezblock block explorer and AirGap wallet. The grants will go towards making analysis of the Tezos blockchain more advanced and accessible.

In addition to its grantmaking activities, the Foundation made multiple announcements of strategic partnerships this week.

On the partnership with Alliance Investments, TZero, and Megalodon to bring real estate-backed STOs to the UK, Foundation CFO Roman Schnider said, “this one building, a large multi-storage development, [is a] first for Alliance, but represents a large pipeline that they intend to fund using STOs.”

On the partnership with Fundament Group to develop digital securities infrastructure, TF council member Hubertus Thonhauser commented: “We look forward to working with Fundament Group as it is providing end to end infrastructure for the lifecycle of securities. We are aligned in our vision to challenge the current financial system and we very much look forward to a productive and fruitful partnership.”

FAQs: What are the benefits of moving all transaction fees to tz accounts?

Moving all transaction fees to tz[123] accounts makes it possible to bake without executing a smart contract. While the system currently requires transaction fees for baking, it does not necessarily have to be that way with simple tz[123] accounts. For more details, refer to a post on the subject on Tezos Agora.

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