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Update: Week of 21 October 2019

Dear Tezos community, The Babylon upgrade officially activated on 18 October, marking the second time a protocol amendment has been approved and implemented via the Tezos governance mechanism. Tezos is the first major blockchain to successfully implement two protocol upgrades automatically, and we are thrilled by the engagement and growth of our community. We will continue to gain momentum and become even stronger as a community moving forward.

In order to better assist Tezos developers who are testing their tools and smart contracts, we have been working to create a faucet tool, similar to the one that is currently deployed on the babylonnet test network. This faucet will provide small amounts of tez (XTZ) to developers that need it for development purposes. It will be ready in November and we will release additional details in the coming weeks.

In addition to helping with the activation of the Babylon upgrade, representatives from multiple TF-funded entities, TQ Tezos, Cryptium Labs, and Nomadic Labs, participated in AZTEC protocol’s Multi-Party Computation (MPC) ceremony, Ignition, this week, using an air-gapped computer which has now ceased to be. Representatives from each team gathered in New York City to run AZTEC’s MPC software in a global relay with over 200 participants. The result: a more secure system for private transactions.

We are thrilled to see so many members of the Tezos community participate so actively in a wide range of projects and initiatives.

Best regards,

Adrian Brink setting up the laptop for the AZTEC MPC

Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates from the last week:

Our Activities

The Tezos Foundation is thrilled to have received 84 grant proposals during its most recent Ecosystem Grants RFP, which closed on 18 October. The review process is underway and all applicants will receive communications from the Foundation on the status of their proposals in the coming weeks. Applicants can feel free to contact [email protected] should they have any questions regarding the status of a grant proposal.

The Foundation is sponsoring a 3-month blockchain hackathon, Future of Blockchain, beginning this month in London (and surrounding regions) and Berlin. The hackathon, organized by StakeZero Ventures, is for developers and entrepreneurs, and features 40+ prizes in different categories with a total of £100k available. Community members can learn more here!

FAQs: What should I do if I am having trouble moving funds from a KT1 address to a tz1 address?

Some users may have had issues moving their tez from KT1 addresses to tz1 addresses if a tz1 address contained insufficient funds after Babylon was activated (and thus was unable to pay transaction fees). Members of the Tezos community like Cryptium Labs and Everstake took initiative to fund all impacted accounts with enough tez to cover transaction fees and resolve the issue. Should one have any issue with a Tezos wallet, make sure that the latest version is installed (as many were updated to be compatible with Babylon) and reach out to the developers of the wallet for further support.

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