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Update: Week of 14 October 2019

Dear Tezos community, This week, the Tezos community officially approved the Babylon upgrade and the Tezos blockchain updated itself (self-amendment). We were thrilled to see the activation of Babylon 2.0.1 at Block 655,361, the second-ever Tezos protocol amendment proposal to be approved via the Tezos governance mechanism.

In preparation for the upgrade, multiple teams within the Tezos ecosystem released guidelines for bakers, delegators, developers and all ecosystem members to transition seamlessly to Babylon. Cryptium Labs, Nomadic Labs, Obsidian Systems, and AirGap each put out new updates or blog posts to ensure a successful implementation. Community members who want to dive deeper into the upgrade can inspect the Babylon documentation from Nomadic Labs for more information.

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Grantees, Funded Entities, and Other News

Below are some updates on our grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

Our Activities

We would like to remind the community that our current ecosystem grants RFP closes today! Now is the last chance to submit a proposal to be considered for our next cohort of grantees

FAQs: Where can I find more information on the transition to Babylon?

Multiple entities within the Tezos ecosystem have released guides to prepare for the Babylon upgrade. Teams from Cryptium Labs, Nomadic Labs, Obsidian Systems, and AirGap have released updates or guides in preparation for the transition. The Babylon code is open source and any member of the community can go straight to the documentation for more information.

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