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Update: Week of 7 October 2019

Fall is finally here (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and we are thrilled with all the activity and community engagement we’ve experienced throughout the Tezos ecosystem. The Tezos community continues to grow and make itself known globally in various industries, not just the blockchain space.

In case you missed it, CoinDesk published a feature on last week’s TQuorum Global Summit. This week, members of the Tezos community traveled to Japan for the Ethereum Foundation’s DevCon 5. Tezos was well-represented at the conference, with Jacob Arluck of TQ Tezos and Adrian Brink of Cryptium Labs participating in a discussion on blockchain governance, and our own Ryan Lackey presenting on Tezos proof of stake.

As the Tezos community grows, it will need more and more dedicated local organizers to plan events and build the community in their regions. To that end, Tezos Commons put out a call for applications for meetup sponsors and Tezos local chapter organizers. If you want to contribute to the growth of the Tezos community in your area, we encourage you to apply!

The Tezos Foundation and Globacap announced their strategic partnership this week to accelerate Globacap’s efforts to bring capital markets into the digital age. “Amidst the noise of Brexit, a quiet revolution is underway in Europe that will change the way we view the very concept of public and private markets,” said Foundation Council member Hubertus Thonhauser. “Globacap is at the forefront of this important movement toward democratizing access to markets and rendering them more efficient.”

Finally, we were delighted to see that Elevated Returns’ Thai investee company has been granted an investment portal license from Thailand’s SEC, and will launch its first real estate-backed token on Tezos in the near future via a public offering in Thailand. This is an exciting step forward as we see the first assets in a $1bn pipeline of real estate assets be tokenized on the Tezos blockchain.

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Grantees & Funded Entities

Below are some updates on our grantees and other funded entities from the last week:

Our Activities

Beyond the Foundation’s usual activities, several of which are described above, we would like to remind the entire community that there is only one week left to vote on the Babylon proposal! The Foundation has voted “pass” (meaning “abstain”) to remain neutral during the amendment process. This contributes to the required quorum and further elevates the voices of other members of the Tezos community. Learn more about the Tezos amendment process here.

Additionally, the Foundation Council has approved several grants outside of its standard grantmaking process. We look forward to announcing these projects in the coming weeks. Lastly, the current ecosystem grants RFP closes next Friday, 18 October. Submit a proposal before then to be considered for the next cohort!

FAQs: What is TF doing to market Tezos?

The Tezos Foundation is not a marketing entity. As our strategy statement outlines, “we believe our role within the community is to deploy resources that support the long-term future of Tezos. Grants offer a strategic way to help community members, such as educational and research institutions, developers, or activists from all over the world to support the advancement of this decentralized network.”

That said – we do fund entities that do some marketing like Tezos Commons (TC), TQ Tezos (TQ), Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA), Tezos Japan, Tezos Korea, and others. If you have an idea for a marketing or related initiative that will add value to the Tezos ecosystem, submit an ecosystem grant application before next week’s deadline! We are eager to see creative proposals from the community.

What is the role of Tezos Commons (TC) and why should one apply to host a Tezos meetup and/or be a regional chapter organizer?

TC is built to support the ideas, individuals and organizations dedicated to building the Tezos digital commonwealth. It empowers the Tezos community to be architects through bootstrapping local communities, communications, promotion, education, funding open source initiatives, and advocacy. For individuals who become meetup sponsors and/or regional chapter organizers, TC provides dedicated funding and other support so that individual Tezos community members are able to grow the Tezos ecosystem where they are based and engage their own local communities.

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