Monthly Grant Update - April 2022

Dear Tezos community,

April was a busy month at the Tezos Foundation. The March 2022 biannual report is now available in 7 languages. In addition, the Operations Team is coordinating with Tezos Ukraine to support teams that participated in the Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 and who want to continue the work started during the hackathon now that it has been canceled.

We are pleased to present our April grant numbers below:

In April 2022, the Tezos Foundation received 28 grant proposals. In total, 9 new grant agreements were signed, including 2 DeFi projects and 2 projects in the gaming category. The average acceptance rate from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was 25%: out of 28 projects reviewed by the TAC, 7 were accepted. 

The average time from the proposal being submitted until the agreement was signed was 80.25 days (Median: 87 days). The average time from submission to approval was 60.13 days (Median: 61 days), and the average time from approval until the agreement was signed was 20.75 days (Median: 26 days).

In April, the Operations team also checked in with 27 grantees regarding ongoing projects to support their efforts and assess their project’s performance. 

Finally, the Tezos Foundation and Blokhaus had the pleasure to welcome 1 grantee during the marketing and communications onboarding sessions. 


Do you want to build your project on Tezos? Take a look at our grant program to learn how we can support you!


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