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Monthly Grant Update - July 2022

Dear Tezos community,

July was another month filled with exciting news at the Tezos Foundation. 

We had the pleasure of joining many other teams in Paris for the first Tez/Dev event, which attracted more than 290 attendees over a period of 3 days! 

Mason Edwards, the Chief Commercial Officer of the Tezos Foundation discussed the Layer 1 blockchain landscape at Crypto Mondays London.

On July 25th, Marina Abramović’s first ever blockchain performance went live on Tezos, created in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Art (CIRCA).

Finally, we are delighted to see so many meetups happening all across the world, driven by amazing entities such as TriliTech, TZ Apac, Tezos India and Tezsure! Join the movement! 

Due to the holiday season, some of the numbers below vary slightly compared to previous months:

In July 2022, the Tezos Foundation received 35 grant proposals. In total, 11 new grant agreements were signed, including 3 tools and applications projects and 2 tools and infrastructure projects. 

The average time from a proposal being submitted until an agreement was signed was 82.67 days (median: 98 days). The average time from submission to approval was 16.44 days (median: 30 days), and the average time from approval until the agreement was signed was 30.86 days (median: 18 days).

In July, the Operations team also checked in with 21 grantees regarding ongoing projects to support their efforts and assess their project’s performance. 

Do you have a great idea you’d like to build on Tezos? Take a look at our grant program to learn how we can support you! 

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